Humans are weird

Humans are weird

“Humans are weird” is the sci-fi idea of looking at humans from an alien perspective and reflecting on allt the weird things we take for granted. The are lots of fun little scenarios people have imagined and shared! I’m not a fan of science fiction generally but the warmth and wonder in many of these stories is really sweet.

For this image I joined ideas from a few of my favourite Humans are weird-stories into a picture of an intergalactic crew celebrating the human ritual of “surprise birthday party” for their human crewmember, and all the wonderful mistakes that come from trying to recreate our customs from an instruction manual.
Gift: Tiny furry animal with a bow on it. Check!
Cake: Sweet human food and something about putting it on fire. Check?
Confetti..?: Slim slices of organic material in garish colors thrown into the air… Check!
… and humans are born from eggs right?
Love comes in many shapes and styles, and here you have the love of a crew doing their best for their one human friend ❤
(woodtexture not of my own making)
Instagram @artbyHime

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